Jira & Confluence

4 Days



team member

In this program, participants learn how Jira and Confluence are structured with hands-on usage for common use cases with focus on both ‘what’ and ‘why’. Program focuses on Software Management in terms of planning, tracking and releasing software including organizing & creating documents, and communicate within team for success. Participants will be introduced to Scrum & Kanban. More importantly, participants will learn how these tools are mapped to Scrum & Kanban. Program includes demos and hands-on. Participants will learn to use JIRA and Confluence effectively on day to day basis. Participants will be power-users by having knowledge about administrative settings.


Participant must be a software development team member who aspires to use Jira and Confluence to efficiently conduct business.


Participant should have reasonable experience with SDLC including issue, task and documentation management.

  • Introduction
  • Installation
  • Capabilities
  • Task management
  • User Interface
  • Project and Issue
  • User and Permission
  • Group, Team and Role
  • Issue, Resolution and Details
  • Priority
  • Assignees
  • Categories
  • Versioning
  • Comments, Stars, Watches, Votes
  • Bulk changes
  • Monitor issues
  • Search
  • JQL & Filters
  • Multiple projects
More Jira
  • Board, Workflow and Lifecycle
  • Transition and Schemes
  • Fields and Screens
  • Dashboard and Gadgets
  • Automation
  • Intro to Scrum and Kanban
  • Mapping scrum and Kanban
  • Reports
  • Link to confluence
  • Add-ins
  • API Access
  • Bitbucket Integration
    • Smart Commits
    • View code in Jira
    • View CI/CD deloyments in Jira
    • View development status for issue
    • View Jira issues in Bitbucket
    • Create Jira issue from Bitbucket
    • Automation Rules
  • Content management
  • User Interface
  • Spaces
  • Pages
  • Blog
  • Files
  • Macros
  • Profile
  • Tasks
  • Settings
  • Collaboration
  • Jira content in pages
  • Search and Index
More Confluence
  • Comments, Stars, Watches
  • Audit
  • Permissions
  • Integration
  • Typical use cases
    • Technical docs
    • Knowledge base
    • Intranet
    • Agile Team

Advanced administration
Anything not mentioned in Topics1

Software Requirements

Any popular browser e.g. Chrome, Edge, ...

Hardware Requirements

Laptop capable to run MS Office

Classroom Requirements

Projector with HDMI, White Board, Markers with Eraser

Online Requirements

Appropriate meeting software e.g. Zoom, MS Teams
Please make sure that camera, speaker and mic are working


  1. If you have any query, please drop us a line.